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Process-oriented utility suite, designed to conduct intelligent operations for superior business outcomes. 

Operational efficiency applied into your business processes, granting top productivity levels and costs reduction benefits.

Financial statement preparation & Audit liaising


Designed for investment Banks, Investment funds and institutional Asset Managers seeking to outsource maintenance of their own accounting records (IFRS, US GAAP, other), or of those belonging to entities under their fiduciary cares (Investment funds, Trusts, Companies), while monitoring everything though an online based platform.

Investment Accounts consolidation


Designed for institutional and independent Asset managers seeking for an integral back-office reporting solution, designed to compile, perform business data analysis and report on their Clients weatlh, which may be dispersed among several institutions and guardians.

Tax-compliant Reporting engine enabling consolidated view of global assets and extensive income segregation, including breakdown by asset types, assets classes, instruments, geographical location, exchange difference incidence, etc.

Shadow accounting


Designed for institutional Asset managers seeking for a third-party data processing services capable of performing reconciliations of performance calculations provided by third parties in regards of investment products under their management, such as Managed Accounts or Fund NAVs, while monitoring everything though an online based platform.

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